Used and New Van Accessories Service

When we talk Van Accessories we’re not talking about blinging you van up, however if that is what you need i’m sure we can help. What we can help you with is the following.

Tow Bar and Roof Rack Installation
If you require a Tow Bar or Roof Rack to be installed onto an existing or new van we can arrange for this to be done. We will ensure that the product fitted best meets your needs in regard to trailer load etc.

Van Signage
If you would like to use your van as one of the best pieces of self promotion and advertise your contact details and brand onto the side of the vehicle we can ensure this is done professionally and at a reasonable price for your budget. We have had this done to our own Diss Van Centre Van and the results have been fantastic.

Hand Free Mobile
Using the telephone when you are travelling in between appointments can be a great way to use the travelling time, however you need to ensure it is done safely and legally. At Diss Van Centre we can help you install a hands free system that meets your needs and the make of your vehicle and mobile to ensure that your company calls during travelling are completed in a safe and legal environment.

Van Re-Spray
Have you got a van or vehicle that is in generally good condition, however a lick or in this case a spray could bring the van really back to life? We can help you bring that van back to life and this is very important if you are advertising your business on the van as a run down vehicle can give your business the wrong first impression.

Van Insurance
We have a number of businesses that we can refer van insurance to. We all understand why we have vehicle insure but always like to pay as little as possible for good insurance. We can provide you with contact details of insurance companies when purchasing a new van to give you one less thing to think about.

Van Finance
We can also help you contact a number of businesses that specialise in finance of vans. Buying an asset such as a van is a capital expense that will see a ROI (return on investment) over a number of years. With purchasing a van it is important to ensure your business has a healthy cash flow and purchasing a vehicle through finance can achieve this.